My Week 4 – MKMMA 2014

Cat and dog

This week has gone, and gone well. Made progress in all areas I feel.

Starve the body of the usual peptides. Do things in a different way, every day !!

Do things another, better way. Feel better.

Forming the habit of failure? – yes, I have done this 1000’s of times, but it is changing now !!

The MasterKeys are getting interesting and enjoyable now. Making a bit of sense at last.

My DMP changes every week. Goodness !! What the heck !! What do I really, really want?

Isn’t there a song like that? Oh yes, that’s it !!!

“Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want,

So tell me what you want, what you really really want,

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want,

So tell me what you want, what you really really want,

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha.”

I’m a Spice Girl now. Whoo Hoo.



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No time? Abbreviated highlights of Scroll 1


Well, as we all know, life is oft-times very hectic and super busy.

Sometimes you just cannot get to all of your required MKMMA tasks.

Admit it. I do. You know you do not do everything, everyday !!

I have abbreviated Scroll 1 as follows –

Today I begin a new life.

Today I shed my old skin which has too long suffered failure and mediocrity.

Today I am born anew and my birthplace is a vineyard where there is fruit for all.

Today I pluck grapes of wisdom. Savour the taste and swallow the seed of success.

I now hold the charts which guide me to shores which only yesterday seemed but a dream.

I get paid for struggle. Nature has made no provision for my body to tolerate pain. Failure is alien to my life. I reject it and I am prepared for wisdom and principles.

I practice the art of patience, for nature always takes its time.

Experience teaches thoroughly. Furthermore, experience, like fashion, is successful today, impractical tomorrow.

Only principles endure and these I now possess. The laws that lead me to greatness are contained in the words of these scrolls. They teach me to prevent failure.

Good habits are the key to all success. I form good habits and become their slave.

The worst tyrant is habit, but let me be a slave to good habits.

I form good habits and become their slave. These scrolls bring me closer to success.

Only a habit can subdue another habit, so I read each scroll for thirty days.

I read the words in silence when I rise in the morning, then at lunch time and at day’s end, but this time I read them out aloud.

As I repeat these words daily they become part of my active mind, but more important, they also seep into my other mind, which creates my dreams.

I awake each morning with a new vitality I have never known before. My vigour, enthusiasm and desire overcome every fear I once knew. I am happier than I believed possible.

I react to all situations with ease. Thus a new habit is born.

When I perform it often it becomes a habit and I become its slave.

Today I begin a new life.

I make a solemn oath to myself that my new life benefits from these readings.

Only the pure truth lies distilled in the words to come.

I drink as instructed, every last drop, and the seed of success I swallow.

Today my old skin had become as dust. I walk tall among men and they are surprised, for today I am a new man, with a new life.

Taken from “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino.

Okay, I’ve taken enough of your valuable time. I have to go and fold my pajamas anyway.

Next time.


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Changes to Og Mandino’s Scroll 1

Hi there fellow bloggers.

So I thought I’d blog about how I changed Og Mandino’s Scroll 1 by removing all the “I will” bits …

Most of the “will’ words you can remove easily and still read as usual. But others are a bit problematic, as I explain below.

Read –

“Yet I will not fail, as the others, for in my hands I now hold …”

Replace with –

“Yet in my hands I now hold …”

Read –

“Failure no longer will be my payment for struggle.”

Replace with –

“ I get paid for struggle.”

Read –

“And how will this be accomplished?”

Replace with –

“I accomplish this.”

Read –

“And how will I accomplish this difficult feat?”

Replace with –

“I accomplish this feat.”

Read –

“And what will be accomplished with this habit?”

Replace with –

“I accomplish this habit.”

Read –

“Eventually I will find myself reacting …”

Replace with –

“I react …”

Read –

“And I make a solemn oath to myself that nothing will retard my new life’s growth.”

Replace with –

“My new life grows.”

Read –

“I must not, I will not, break this habit of daily reading from these scrolls …”

Replace with –

“I read daily from these scrolls…”

I wish you all the best with the last two weeks of Scroll 1.

It reads SO much better read without the “wills”.

PLEASE BE ADVISED  that this post is by no means the ONLY way to do it. Please take this as a suggestion, albeit a good one !!




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My Week 3 – MKMMA 2014

Boy, I have had a very mentally tiring week. Lots to do 8 to 5. Very detailed drawings on DraftSight CAD. Got to think in 3D all the time.

With MKMMA, I still have a lot to do, but I am finding more time actually. Can’t believe it.

Staying up till midnight on a Sunday night is not easy though. This past Monday morning I slept through my alarm and awoke 15 minutes before I had to leave for work. Damn!! I had to fly out of bed, scream around my place to get ready on time and then rocket out of the door and get onto the road.

It took a number of hours at work before I calmed down and recovered from the rush.

Some of the Master 3 Keys are tongue twisters, but start to make sense after a while.

It’s just a life-time of low and little belief in myself. Still very deep seated within me. This concern that I will not be able to change and will it work after all the time and effort I put in?

I am thinking positive, MUCH more than before, but the old me is still there, and very strong, sorry to say.

But beware subby, I am fighting back. Starting to work on John Wooden’s Pyramid. A word a week for 25 weeks.

This week it has been Industriousness, and I have been working like mad on it at work all week. Did me well, that I can say. Next week it is Enthusiasm.

I will let you know how it goes.

That’s all folks.

Thanks for popping by, Following and re-Posting. Much appreciated.


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My Week 2 – MKMMA 2014

Well, we are at the end of week 2 and it was good, better than week 1.

Still listening to Scroll 1. Another 3 weeks to go, goodness !! Can’t wait until Scroll 2.

I’m doing well with my DMP. Sent of an updated copy to Rui Silva in Portugal and await a reply in a few days. It’s looking better already.

I am finding time a bit better now, but still not getting to absolutely EVERYTHING !!! I will though.

Reading Scroll 1 and listening to Key 2 every day, three times each actually. Sounding good. Also the BPB, and Desire weekly. Slowly starting to make more sense day by day.

I am doing well at work. I give it all I have each and every day and the boss notices a difference I can tell. One of my goals is to master CAD and I do that at work all day, designing 08h00 to 16h30. During lunch I listen to Scroll 1 and Key 1 on audio on my cell phone as well. Very organised.

I must still listen to the recording of the Techie webinar from Monday night. Here in South Africa it was at 01h30 Tuesday morning. Too late/early for me. Boy ! I am sure it will be great though.

I’m looking forward to November when I can move on to Scroll 2. Scroll 1 is effective and we need our mind to get into that habit of day to day, never missing, etc.

My Twitter following is growing slowly. It is at 19 at the moment. Maybe 200 by tomorrow !!!

I think that that is all for this week folks. Please call back and see how my week went next week.

Post your blog so that I can catch up with you.

Till next time.


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My Week 1 – MKMMA 2014

Goodness, what a first week!!

In Sunday nights webinar on 28 September, Davene did not hold back her punches… that’s for sure. Says it like it is !! I got a bit upset with her at times, saying that if we do not do EXACTLY what is required we may as well stop now and not waste our time or hers. Let us settle in first, please. My commitment is there but I need to get used to your routine. This is my first time. I am an MKMMA virgin after all !! Be gentle.

I wanted to start working on my DMP but I had never done one before so I had no idea what a DMP was. Desired Magical Project? No. Definite Major Purpose. Oh, OK. So I started and had it written down by Wednesday. Then a few re-writes. I was not using Word, but rather Outlook so I had to count the words by hand while pointing at the screen. When it was about 400 words I decided to send it off. Oops, it was 424 words and it was returned to me. So I took out a few ‘ands”, ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and got it to 399 words. Magically it was finished. Submitted and accepted. Now I await the crit and the required re-write number 1.

I read and listened to Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman”, Scroll 1, and copied the audio onto my cell phone. Now I can listed to it on the way to work, at lunch time and on the way home again. It gets into your head for sure. Certain phrases I know by heart already after only one week. Had to read the ‘Master Key 1’ every day, ‘Desire’ once a week, and the ‘BPB’ also daily.

Sitting still for 15 minutes without a single movement is no problem for me. Got that one sorted. Having to read my, possibly erroneous, DMP daily was a bit stressful, thinking that I was possibly reading a load of uncorrected garbage. Perhaps we should wait till guide has gone through it first. Not sure about this one now…

I had to really, really, really, REALLY find time to read this all every day. Goodness. Full day job, new boss to please, studying and projects to complete, clients website to update (need to bring the short-term cash in), and then onto MKMMA. Got it done though. I need a few more stress pills !!  LOL.

I already look at life differently every day, even only after 1 week. Traffic, the boss, work, taxis, potholes. (We are living in South Africa, of course) !! Life on the edge … Check that insurance policy daily.

Watching much less TV. Just my favourite single, one and only, soapie every evening, and then it goes off. Work to do.

I am sure this will do wonders for the way I think and feel. It has affected me already I can see.

Listening to Scroll 1 for a month? Not too much within Scroll 1. Not much to REALLY apply and work with, I feel. Can’t wait for Scroll 2. Only 26 days to go…

Cheers till next time.

Wayne. XOXO


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